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tv   America Live  FOX News  June 15, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: could be. he has a history, a future in the cirs. greg: mommy can i take the kitty home. jenna: i don't know. that would make you nervous as parent wouldn't it? it would make me nervous right now. >> reporter: it sure would. greg: that is going to do it for us today, thanks for joining us. jenna: "america live" starts right now. martha: fox news alert on exclusive testimony that is going on right now on capitol hill about a possible federal cover up in the murder of u.s. border agent brian terry. welcome to "america live," everybody i'm martha maccallum in for megyn kelly. this is a house committee that is demanding answers right now about how two federal agencies stood buy and watched as mexican drug cartels bought guns in arizona and used the same guns which they have traced to kill people on both sides of the border, victims that include this man, u.s. border agent brian terry, who was killed six months ago by mexican drug
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gangs. take a listen. all of this has been rivetting. this is some of today's most dramatic testimony from senator charles grassley, who launched this initial investigation and also you'll hear from members of the terry family. watch this. >> at least for today let's just listen to these agents and let's just listen to this family and hear what they have to say. let's hear their stories and hear it loud and clearly. >> what makes brian's death so shocking to his family is that he did not die on a foreign battlefield. he was killed in the line of duty as a u.s. border patrol agent. he died not in iraq or afghanistan but in a desert outside of rio rick could he, arizona, some 18 miles inside of the u.s. mexican border. his killers were not taliban
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insurgents, or al-qaida fighters, but a small group of mexican drug cartel bandits, heavily armed with ak-47 assault rifles. brian did ultimately come home that christmas. we buried him not far from the house that he was raised in just prior to christmas day. >> when did you learn about fast and furious and its connection to your son's death? >> most of it i heard is from the media. martha: boy, unbelievable. william la jeunesse joins me now working on this story from the very beginning. william. >> reporter: well, martha agents paint a picture of the atf and the top law enforcement agency in this country the department of justice of looking the other way, even helping mexican cartels arm themselves to the teeth at u.s. gun stores. the atf let known cartel buyers
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purchase these guns and the department of justice refused to prosecute those buyers, all the while these two agencies kept a monthly body count in mexico, an a record of every serial number of every gun any sold, of assault rifles and sniper rifles that showed up south of the border and at u.s. crime scenes. it would all gun at a gun store, the suspect would walk in, not buy one or two but want a dozen guns. typically they would become a suspect buying not for themselves but for others which is illegal but in fast and furious a t-rbs f urged the dealer to sell the guns. when the store ran out they told them to order more, to sell people they knew were buying for the cartels, why because they watched these guns get transferred and transported south of the border on a gps tracker. when field agents tried to stop them they were told to back off. >> there is actually a colossal failure in leadership within atf, within the chain of command
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involved in this case, within the united states attorney's office and within doj as to the individuals who were aware of this strategy. to walk a single gun is in my opinion an idiotic move. >> reporter: now i want you to look at this paper trail. in april of 2010 the supervisor says, quote, if everything goes according to plan we will intercept the firearm at or near border. we have no plans of letting these firearms cross into mexico. number 2. yet only a month later that same office in phoenix says, quote, to date 179 of their fast and furious guns have been recovered in the republican of mexico. that is a fraction of the 1600 that have been sold in the operation to 17 straw buyers for the cartels at over a million dollars in cash. now finally, look at number 3. when a phoenix gun store owner wants to make sure that none of the firearms that he sold, per instructions of the atf, were --
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could or would end up south of the border in the hands of bad guys the reply was, no, they are not, assuring them that it didn't. well they lied. so the question is how high does it go? >> that's the one question that i can't answer for you is the lie. it made no sense to us either. it's just what we were ordered to do. every time we questioned that order there was punitive action. >> reporter: up until now the atf and the doj, martha, have denied that they knew -- or the doj, rather, attorney general holder has denied that he authorized or knew about this. telling the media that is where he found out about it. not everyone believes that. in an operation this size, and that is where this congressional hearing now goes trying to hear from the doj what they have to say about allowing this to happen. martha: that investigation is underway to answer that very question, william. thank you very much. we all hope we'll get answers to just how high up this goes. so during today's hearing we
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heard heartbreaking testimony therfrom the family of brian te, a border guard murdered six months ago when he tried to stop a heavily armed drug gang. this is more from his cousin robert hire. >> he had already made his travel plans to fly back to michigan and spend the christmas holiday with his family. brian's attention to detail had insured that all the christmas gifts he had meticulously selected for his family had already been bought and sent in the mail prior to his arrival. brian did ultimately come home that christmas, we buried him not far from the house that he was raised in just prior to christmas day. martha: very hard day for that man in congress today in that
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hearing. trace gallagher joins us now. we all do need to hear the story of brian for terry and trace has that for us, trace. >> reporter: for the context, martha it really is critical to remember how this went down. brian terry and the other agents were actually going after bandits. these are illegals who target other illegals, they rape them, rob them, steal their drugs, and brian terry and his crew came upon five of these heavily armed men about 20 miles north of the mexican border, a firefight broke out. the border agents remember first used nonlethal bean bags then they began using bullets, but by then it was too late, agent terry had already been shot. we know that a stu buyer, someone who buys guns for someone else purchased three assault rifles with cash at the lone wolf trading company in glean dale right near phoenix why the atf agents looked the other way. two of those weapons were then used in the firefight against brian terry, and today as you
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saw, brian terry's family went to congress trying to get some answers. listen. >> we asked if a government official made a wrong decision that they admit their error and take responsibility for his or her actions. we hope that all individuals involved in brian's murder, and those that played a role in putting the assault weapons in their hands are found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: but it's very important to remember the terry family didn't just start challenging the government after they found out about operation fast and furious. even at brian's funeral they were very disappointed in the way that homeland secretary janet napolitano gave her condolences to them. they said her words were empty. a reporter for a local station in tucson then challenged the homeland secretary after the funeral. remember this? >> listen, i don't know who you
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spoke with in the family. >> i smoke with the mother and the step-mother and the father. >> listen, we are here today, the commissioner is here today, the chief of the border patrol is here today, and we are here, and his comrades are here with the family who said other things to me, by the way, so i really don't think it appropriate for the media to try to pick this as a fight. this is a moment to remember a fallen agent. >> reporter: bottom line, the family of brian terry has been questioning the government and the border security since the day brian died. they were outspoken they say even before then because brian himself was outspoken. we should note, one person so far has beeno person hasbeen chf agent brian terry. martha: we are learning disturbing new information about this program. a former atf agent who worked with this group admitted today
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that he was shocked by the practices at work under fast and furious, peter forselly testified today about the program's failure in his opinion. he says it was quote, a colossal failure of leadership and in fact a collapse within atf and the justice department according to him. listen to his testimony. >> as a career law enforcement officer who who has had to investigate the deaths of police officers, children, and others at the hands of armed criminals i was and continue to be horrified, truly horrified. i believe that these firearms will continue to turn up at crime scenes at both sides of the border for years to come gee was an eloquent speaker at that hearing and he will be with us in just a little while joining us live. so if you have questions for him or things you want to hear about send me a tweet at martha maccallum and we'll get to those. you can read more about the fast and furious program and the fallout that is now playing out on capitol hill as we speak.
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that at you can check that out for all of the background in that story. let's switch gears for just a moment. this fox news alert. the daily press briefing just got underway at the white house. we are looking for a number of things here. on the screen you can see press secretary jay carney, he is expected to face very tough questions on three developing stories, first, the looming showdown between the president and congress on the issue of our presence in libya. the second one that we'll be watching for as well, we know there will be questions on this. allegations that the democratic national committee may have crossed some sort of line with a white house event for campaign donors. a lot of questions about that as well. and thirdly, a report that the president may have fudged some campaign promises about giving big federal jobs to big money donors. we are going to get news on those three stories. questions will be asked in the briefing. we'll get those to you as soon as it gets underway.
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this is coming in front of us this afternoon, a surprise statement from the president that is getting a lot of attention today. listen to this. >> well, i'm sure there are days where i say that one term is enough. what keeps me going is a belief that the work that we've started in 2009 is not yet complete. martha: all right, so coming up monica crowley joins us three minutes from now with her take on what the president had to say there. she'll be here in a moment. and also this. the next time you call the family doctor, there may be a chance that they are just not in business any more. a stunning new report, and what it could mean for the future of your healthcare. plus, she soared to the top of the hearts in her teens. the british singer joss stone almost lost everything in a bizarre murder plot. her story coming up minutes from now. ♪ [singing] ♪ and so the conversation turned ♪
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martha: new video of mass protests turning into a vicious street riot in greece. look at this. obvious lie the situation in greece and the markets at home as well, the police firing teargas to disperse protestors. at least ten people were hurt throughout the city, more than 25,000 people marred against proposed tax hikes and spending cuts. the greek government says the measures are necessary to repay international bail outs. just over two years into his
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term president obama making a sort of surprising statement that has many of his critics questioning whether he is as invested in his job as some of his predecessors. take a listen for yourself. we're going to talk about it. >> have you ever thought to yourself that maybe one term was enough. [laughter] >> well i'm sure there are days where i say that one term is enough. what keeps me going is a belief that the work that we've started in 2009 is not yet complete. martha: monica crowley joins me now, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. monica you wrote about this in a column that is entitled, he's just not that into it. you know, so that's your take on it. his comment is not that surprising. i mean this is a very -- it's a very difficult job, a very challenging job, and it felt to me like an honest answer that he gave there. then he went onto say there is a lot of work to be done and we
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want to continue. >> here is why it's so jarring. when you look at all of his modern predecessors. richard nixon, ronald reagan, bill clinton, they were all so into the job. they spent their entire adult lives trying to get to the oval office. once they were there they really relished the job, they loved being a broad. this guy can't wait to get back home. he's always playing basketballment there is a perception that he's just not that into it. the second part of the equation was it looks like in the middle of a deep, deep recession now, we are into somewhat of a recovery. the economic indicators are sliding again, this kind of comment that the president doesn't seem all that into the job per se might strike a lot of voters -- to a lot of voters as being not engaged. that here is, maybe the perception is that he's whining about how tough the job is, as if he's the first president to discover how hard the job is when americans are suffering job losses, losing their homes, a really economic insecurity, to
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have the president of the united states sort of being perceived fair or not to be whining about his own job seems a little ludicrous. martha: we want to go back to jay carney who is talking about something we mentioned he would be asked about, the questions of donors getting big jocks at the white house. let's listen. >> look at the people we've appointed, look at their credentials, their qualifications. >> look at the money they've made, isn't that a factor? would it be wrong to reward people for the hard work of raising half a million -- >> it would be wrong if they weren't qualified. >> but would it be wrong -- >> it would be wrong if they were not qualified, i think i hance erred your question. >> would it be wrong to consider that as a factor that hard work and raising all that money, half a million dollars, that's a lot of money, a lot of work. >> i think i've said everything i can say about this and i've answered your question. it would be wrong to appoint someone who wasn't qualified to the job. the president has appointed highly qualified individuals to the positions that easy pointed as president and we stand by
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those appointments. >> golf, if you've answered this just ignore it. is the president going to be discussing -- martha: all right we'll keep one ear on that and we'll continue on this with monica crowley. so just for folks who are getting caught up on this. there was a study done by i watch that showed that basically a third of the people who were big donors to the obama campaign ended up, either they or their spouse with some kind of position with the administration, and just to refresh everybody's mormon the background and why it's being questioned in this case, back in 2007 the president on the campaign trail blasted, quote, the cynics, the lobbyistses, the special interests who turned our government into a game that only they can afford to play. it seems contradictory. >> this is why it's particularly dangerous for the president. look this is the way politics operates. you donate big money you might get rewarded, probably will get rewarded with an ambassador ship or some cabinet position some
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place in the government, whatever you'd like. you're probably going to get a good hearing from the president. what we're hearing today is that the particular big donors, and those who bundled at least a half a million dollars or more got some of these very plumb jobs. again this is nothing new, this is how politics operates, martha, but the danger for this particular president is that he ran as the transcendent guy who was going to change the way washington worked. he was going to rail against monied interest. he was not going to reward lobbyists. martha: i can picture the campaign ad right now that lace out the numbers and shows him saying this quote. you can just imagine it's not hope and change the way it was presented. >> it's devastating to the obama brand. martha: it could be. monica, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. martha: always good to chat with you. all right. coming up we've got new fallout from a wave of proposed epa regulations, a major energy supplier says that the rules will force them to close their power plants, basically in three states and they'll lose 600 jobs
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and a whole lot of electricity. a bipartisan outcry putting the white house on notice, justify your actions in libya, or possibly be held in violation of your constitutional authority. huge story. ambassador bolton coming up on that. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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martha: we are back with this tough new environmental protections rules are forcing some power plants all across the country to shut down. in west virginia alone nearly 25% of the state's coal fire capacity plants are now closed. that has cost the state of west veneer lee 600 jobs, or at least 600 jobs. five plants there closed since these new regulations kicked in, and west virginia is not alone. plants in ohio and virginia are
1:26 pm
also shutting their doors and people are losing their jobs as a result of these regulations. james rosen is live in moundsville west virginia with this story for us. >> reporter: good afternoon, we now have our first indication of how major coal burning producers of electricity from which the united states derives 50% of energy supply plan to comply with the new proposed rules by the environmental protection agency set to be finalized in november and it calls for the accelerated closure of plants like this one in moundsville, west virginia. the american electric power company operating in eleven states has announced it will close three plants here in the mountain state by 2014 ahead of schedule because of a package of four new epa rules designed to curb pollution and protect public health. here at the camera plant that will mean 60 jobs. aep says 600 total jobs for the companies across the nation. the industry says more broadly
1:27 pm
1.5 million jobs will be lost over the next eight years. they say electricity costs for industry and individuals will go up. epa chief lisa jackson was up on capitol hill this morning defending the proposed hearing before the senate environment and public works committee. in a her spokesperson told us and i quote utilities have known for decades that these standards which are still in the proposal stage and have a three year compliance timeline have been coming. they will slash hazardous emissions of more occuree and other acid gases preventing thousands of asthma and heart attacks and premature deaths. i sat down and asked about the health concerns cited by the epa. >> show me the evidence, show me in testimony that it does indeed contribute to the sicknesses for individuals. we don't have that.
1:28 pm
i served in the west virginia legislature for 14 years, that was not an issue then, it's not an issue today, but it is one that the epa is trying to use as a means of trying to get this country away from fossil fuels. >> reporter: in fact the centers for disease control and other reputable sources report that west virginia ranks among the highest in the nation in instances of asthma and cancer and deaths from cancer, that west virginia yans enjoy one of the shortest life spans among the 50 states. for the last year west virginia's unemployment rate has exceeded the national average. martha: a huge number of tv viewers watched tuesday night's republican debate and they talked about jobs and the economy, but the democratic national committee apparently saw something else. >> i do not believe in suri a
1:29 pm
law in american courts. >> i support a confidential amendment to define a marriage between a man and a woman. martha: that goes on and on. what is the real message here? we are going to debate that right after the break. plus reading between the lines in this trial, casey anthony's mother in that moment mouthing to her, i love you. as her daughter is sitting there watching all this play out. see why so many are now talking about what casey's reaction to that was. and police saying that a popular singer was the target of a murder plot, a very detailed one. the danger that singer joss stone was in, after this. ♪ you have me, you lost me, you waste me, you cost me. ♪
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martha: the latest on the casey anthony murder trial. it's in recess until tomorrow morning when lawyers for the florida woman accused of murdering her own daughter will present their case. by not before today's rapid fire developments, including the judge shooting down the defense's call for an acquittal on charges they could get anthony the death penalty.
1:34 pm
the prosecution has been winding down and the defense is getting reved up to go. >> reporter: casey anthony will not walk away from custody data free and acquitted woman. the judge decisively ruled against the defense motion for an immediate acquittal. there was not much of a surprise in that. now tomorrow the first witness for the defense will take the stand. the morning began with prosecutors entering their fine two pieces of evidence. two con sisters which they claim smell like death inside. each cancer has spare tire liner removed from casey anthony's car. the prosecution says caylee was put into that trunk information five days and then dumped in the woods. the defense said the case is
1:35 pm
circumstantial and built on suspicious and not facts beyond a reasonable doubt. the prosecutor couldn'terred that the circumstantial evidence is plentiful and point to no other explanation other than casey anthony murdered her child with duct tape and chloroform. >> in this particular case, there is more than a single act. those acts consist of duct taping, nose, mouth, the presence of chloroform in the trunk. coupled with the fact that there is evidence that the child was placed in a trash bag and other
1:36 pm
container. >> reporter: we learned that joe thompson, a convicted kidnapper has been added to the witness list by the defense just yesterday. according to the defense based on their own investigators contacted or was contacted by george anthony four times on july 14, 2008. that's the day before cindy anthony made those infamous 911 calls reporting caylee was missing. martha: thank you very much. phil keying in florida. people who watch this case each day are still talking about what happened yesterday in this moment. you can see her mouthing words there, cindy anthony, casey's mom as thee mouths those words. people in the courtroom said she basically looked at her and mouthed the words "i love you"
1:37 pm
to her daughter casey. check out casey's reaction which was not much at all. which leaves people to wonder what the relationship is like. they have not visited her in jail since before her fine arrest 2 1/2 years ago. plus their lawyer saying they can't believe defense claims caylee drowned in the family pool and it was george who allegedly disposed of the body. a lot can be said about what's going on between the mother and doubter in the courtroom there. there are new questions about monday' debate between the gop presidential candidates. this new dnc ad just released suggests republicans are ignoring the big issues facing our country. some critics say the ad is misleading. take a look and see what you think. here is a clip from the dnc. >> i do not believe in sharia law in american courts.
1:38 pm
>> can i support a constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and woman? >> i think governor palins a remarkable leader. i think she is qualified to be president of the united states. good to have you both here for today. let me start with you. did you watch the debate. do you think that's a fair ad? >> what the debate was was a bunch of guys agreeing they needed to cut taxes to return to the failed policies that brought us into this great recession. the rest of the debate to see who could be the most socially conservative so they could appeal to the conservative voters of the republican primary. you saw them all trying to joy do each other on their conservativeism and how much they will cut taxes.
1:39 pm
we can return to the children and era tax pop is we might see that growth tim pawlenty wants to see. people who have money are just sticking it in the bang because they don't have incentive to invest it because they will get taksds on it. martha: let's go to chris plants. is it effective? does it work? >> the debate is myth represented in thi r -- the debe is misrepresented. the republicans discussed issues in a civil way. which is why democrats were left at a loss when it comes to their response. we talk about major issues americans ought to be confronting. but aren't. and this little tim many i lit e film, they must change the subject and attack and ridicule.
1:40 pm
martha: let's show everybody. here is a sampling of some of what was talked about that night as a comparison to what's in this ad. people can take a look. >> this idea we can't have 5% growth in america is hogwash. it's a defeatist attitude. >> he didn't create the recession but he made it worse and longer. >> this election will be about economics. how will we create jobs and have a pro growth economy. we need everybody to come together. we are going to win. make no mistake about its. president obama is a one-term president. martha: there was a lot of focus on the economy. i watched the whole debate. it was primarily about the economy. let's get a quick reaction from you. >> mitt romney knows better. he knows president obama has stopped what could have been the
1:41 pm
worst recession ever from becoming a depression. he knows that the economy has grown under president obama. he knows that the stimulus worked under president obama. he knows. martha: what they are arguing about is to what extent has any of that worked? that was really the discussion in terms of how to unleash the economy. president obama has acknowledged things aren't moving along the way he would like to see them. chris plant, let's get your reaction. >> this is sophomoric. this is frat boy fran prankster. i had to laugh when you said everybody knows the stimulus worked to save some county jobs in wisconsin for another year. it's a complete disaster. even president obama said yesterday he found out too late
1:42 pm
that shovel-ready jobs don't exist. the whole thing has been a fiasco. the economic policy is a fiasco. >> there were too many tax cuts in that stimulus and not enough infrastructure development. martha: good to receive yo -- gu guys. there is new fallout in president obama's decision to strike libya. house leaders are suing the administration for violating the war powers act. ambassador john bolton will tell us what he thinks about all of this. that is 3 minutes away. that's unfolding right now. a new study suggesting some americans will have to work well past retirement age. coming up, the new challenges facing americans in their golden years when we come back. a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet,
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martha: a short while ago a bipartisan group of 10 lawmakers say they are suing president obama saying he went to war without authorization from congress. john bolton former ambassador to the united nations joins me now. ambassador, always good to see you. what do you make of this charge? is it justified? >> it's a non-events. the members of congress and surely their lawyers know they don't have standing to bring this lawsuit. there is a long line of cases where the courts declined to entertain suits like this by discontented members of congress. i think the same thing will happen on this.
1:47 pm
i don't think the courts will get to the merits of the case. martha: the war powers acts says you have 60 days to get congress' approval which was not done. >> the constitution requires that our federal courts only hear cases in controversy. they don't give advisory opinions. if somebody comes into court they can't just disagree with the president. they have to be concretely affected in some capacity. in their legislative capacity they have lots of other things they can do. they can try to defund the operation in labia. the court should not get involved between the two elected branches. this is the struggle the constitution sets up. it's not for judicial decisions. martha: clearly it's a way to halt our activity in libya. do you think we should be there? should we continue to fund operations through nato? >> i think the president has
1:48 pm
made a complete mess of the operation. i think there is a legitimate american strategic interest in removing qaddafi to make sure he doesn't resume his weapons program. by the president went in for the wrong reasons. as commander-in-chief overseeing an inadequate operation which is why we are still there after 3 months. there is a lot to criticize, but's legitimate american interests of getting rid of qaddafi remains and i think is doable. martha: with regard to the informant who led our navy seals to be able to capture and kill bin laden. they have been arrested by the pakistani government and the i.s.i. this is an extraordinary move. >> it shows how flawfed -- its shows how flawed relations are
1:49 pm
between the united states and pakistan. how did they know who our informants are? that's bad news. right now. it will affect our ability to get other sources in pakistan. this is bad news for the war effort in afghanistan as well. martha: there always seems to be in these issues with pakistan the front that they have to put on to certain groups within pakistan to prove they are not cozy or allies of ours. is that the way you receive this playing out? it seems obviously unfortunate it's too easy a word for these people who helped to take one of the most awful, evil criminals out of existence. >> absolutely. it's part of what's frustrating about america's relationship with pakistan. they are standing up to this supposed american invaichtion their sovereignty.
1:50 pm
-- american invasion of their sovereignty. but if you are not prepared to work with us, taliban and al qaeda will overcome you and your fate will not be a happy one. they have to make a hard choice because of the overwhelming interests we have in not allowing pakistan's nuclear weapons to fall counties hands of a pro-al qaeda government there. martha: this is a fox news alert. the white house take an ugly new round of questions about top fundraisers getting big political rewards in the obama administration. millions in stimulus money went to the former corporation of one of those big donors. we are live with that story and it's very, very hots. we'll be back with more onha "america live." my aspirin regimen. i just didn't listen until i almost lost my life.
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martha: there is an investigation underway into a bizarre murder plot involving british pop singer josh stone. two men are in city. you won't believe what they were found with blocks away from her home. >> reporter: it's unclear if joss stone was home at times. but there was a rooforts suspicious vehicle near her house that led police to the suspect. they found a red fiat. it was parked near her house. in it police found two men who had apparently driven 200 miles from manchester down to devon. they were carrying towards, ropes, a body bag. they also found inside the car maps of joss stone's home and
1:55 pm
aerial views of the home. they apparently spent ample amounts of time casing the join. police say their plan was to rob and kill the soul singer. their motive remains unclear. joss stone has been notified of the plot. she issued a statement saying i would like to thank everyone for their concern. i'm absolutely fine and getting on with life at normal while the police continue with their inquiries. joss stone is good friends with prince william and kate. martha: interesting, glad to hear she is okay. for days we have been hearing that we could get news on wednesday which is today about the political future of congressman anthony weiner because his wife has returned from her travels in her work with secretary of state hillary clinton. we have explosive new allegation
1:56 pm
about this case just came in about an hour ago. there is breaking news on the anthony weiner story three minutes from now. stay tuned for that. >> you seen this? video showing a woman stealing from the church pews as people head up for communion. that's coming up. >> we have been instructed in my church to take our demurrers with us when we go to communion just as a protection. >> i think we need to pray for those people who do that. [ male announcer ] millions of men 45 and older
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available only from liberty mutual insurance. if your car is totaled, we give you the money to buy a car that's one model year newer, there's no other auto insurance product like it. better car replacement, available only from liberty mutual. it's a better policy that gets you a better car. call... or visit one of our local offices today, and we'll provide the coverage you need at the right price. liberty mutual auto insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? martha: one of the women involved with anthony weiner online is saying the congressman asked her to lie about their relationship. that's a brand-new hour starting of "america live." the porn actress jonas ginger
2:00 pm
lee side by side with celebrity attorney gloria allred in new york city saying the new york democrat told her to avoid media as the scandal broke. this all happening and coming to light as huma abedin is returning -- this is video of her car as she arrived from official business overseas. friend say that anthony weiner has been waiting for this moment for her to get home before making a decision about his own political future. you can just imagine what that reunion was like and how difficult all of this must be. doug mche willwahebe. >> reporter: this scandal is evolving into a slow drip drip of information. ginger lee who exchanged more than 100 emails with weiner since last march held a press conference during which she and
2:01 pm
her attorney gloria allred describe how weiner instructed her to lie. once got to the points of lying on national television city knew everything i would say would be a lie and i didn't want to do either. he told me how to lie. he told me if neither of us said anything over the weekend, the story would die. that's what i did, she said. this may be potentially significant notice ethics committee process. if the committee weighs whether of tried to obstruct to protect himself from embarrassment. in other developments we hearing into indicate weiner will resign as some of his colleagues suggested he would. weiner wife has returned from her overseas trip with hillary clinton. she arrived at 4:00 in the morning. she did not speak to the press. it has been suggested her advice to her husband is key to his decision on whether he will resign. i emailed a weiner advisor if
2:02 pm
there were changes in circumstances and the answer was no. the pressure has been growing day by day with minority leader nancy pelosi calling for his resignation and the president doing pretty much the same. >> he embaird himself, he embaird his wife and his family. ultimately there will be a decision for him and his constituents. if it was me, i would resign. >> reporter: weiner remains on a formal two-week leave of absence allegedly being treated at an undisclosed location. martha: pollster frank luntz has had a chance to ask a focus group what they believe should happen next in this scandal involving congressman weiner. we'll get a chance to look at that. interesting responses from the people on what anthony weiner's
2:03 pm
next move should be. now we have new developments in the government sting that went horribly wrong. powerful testimony coming in from witnesses at the house hearing looking into operation fast and furious. this undercover program was supposed to track the flow of weapons purchased in the united states down to mexico and into the hands of the drug cartels. but atf agents you just saw testified some of those weapons were allowed to get away despite warnings that that would never happening a parts of this operation. one of those guns was ultimately linked with serial numbers matched to the murder of this man. here is congressman darrell issa grilling a top justice department official trying to figure out what he knew about this operation. listen to this. >> our question to you today is,
2:04 pm
the president said he didn't authorize it. he said the attorney general didn't authorize it. he didn't say he didn't know about it. who at justice authorized this program? >> as i said, the office of inspector general. >> who at justice -- if you know, i ask you to answer, who do you know was involved in the thargs oin theauthorization of . do you know? >> we sent a letter to chairman smith to asked a question like that. we points the out this operation as with other law enforcement operations originated in the atf phoenix office. >> that's not authorization. do you know who authorized it at the highest level. don't answer phoenix or tucson or any parts of arizona if you please. >> it's difficult to answer your question you won't permit me to
2:05 pm
answer. >> i want the answer to my question. who in authorized it. we know who authorized it effectively by acquiescence. who authorized this at justice? >> i do not know the answer to that question. martha: this has been explosive testimony. coming up we'll talk to one of the atf agents who testified at today's hearing and he will tell us the justice department ignored the warnings from agents. they said do not do this plan, it will backfire. they argued against this. and he's going to talk to us coming up in a few minutes from now. this is very explosive stuff. that's coming up. tensions are running high at another capitol hill hearing. this focuses on the threat of terrorists recruiting new fighters in american prisons. this is a huge interest story for all of us who care about terrorism in this country.
2:06 pm
one of the congressmen taking issue on the spotlight being placed only on muslim inmates had this to say. >> what i disagree with and i would say again with all due respect to the chairman is the scope of this committee on focusing on one particular group. i actually believe that the focus of one particular group on the basis of race or religion can be deemed as racist and discriminatory. >> we are not going to spread ourselves out and investigate everything, which means investigating nothing. we are going to focus on a target that threatens the security of this nation. that's why we are doing it without minimizing other threats. we have committees for that. martha: congressman king joins us now. welcome. good to see you. this is the second round of these. you have got a lot of backlash the first time around. there has been more protest to this the second time. address the issue that was brought up in that clip we just played.
2:07 pm
why not talk about all the different groups that could possibly present a threat in the u.s. prison system? >> the homeland security committee was established to fight terrorism. we are focused on terrorists in this country. there is an attempt to radicalize inmates in prison and turn them into jihadists. our committee was set up to specifically to target terrorism. the on group tide with overseas terrorism are rads cal islamist muslims. that is why this hearing is focused on them. it's not to say the gangs aren't important. no one is more of a threat than radical islamists. martha: we know we can trace some of these activities back to radical islamists who have been proselytized to in prison.
2:08 pm
it's a cultivating breeding ground. give us specific examples why you believe this is such a concern. tell everybody at home. are people within the prison system have what they need to combat this? >> they don't. in new york we have had muslim chaplains convicted of smuggling razor blades into the inmates in jail. that muslim cap lane was a convicted murderer. we had one who just got out of prison. they radicalized him in prison. after that they followed up at a local mosque and they attempted to bomb a synagogue and attack stuart air force base in new york. martha: what kind of screening system do people have to go through in order to work in these prison systems? it's unbelievable when you say a chaplain snuck in a razor blade to help a muslim convict escape.
2:09 pm
>> a whole bag of razor blades he brought in. there is no serious vetting operation. because the muslim community does not have theological accept theiries. thertheirr -- thee long cal seminaries. we allowed people who are convicted themselves to sit on the boards and decide who the chaplain is. in a prison, a group of prisoners get certain rights and privileges. we have cases where muslim chaplains are allowing prisoners to make telephone calls overseas to overseas radical groups and accept phone calls back in. martha: they are getting privileges other prisoners are not getting and allows them to carry out that activity behind prison walls. peter king, chairman of the homeland security committee.
2:10 pm
we want to tell you about this. within the last half-hour the obama administration is coming under intense fire for a report that big-time donors to the president's campaign received very influential government jobs, and some questions involving why the former company of a top donor ended up getting millions of dollars in stimulus money. white house press secretary jay carney on the defensive today at the daily briefing. mike emanuel joins us with more. you posed that question to him about mr. gipps who was with level three communications. he garnered a high level position in the administration and his company received a lot of stimulus money. >> reporter: let me give credit to those who did the investigation. that gentleman donald gepps brought together this contacts
2:11 pm
to raise a half million for the obama campaign was ultimately given the post of being u.s. ambassador to south africa. following the money further, his company who had him as a bundler, people who generate lots of money for a campaign and several other got $13.8 million in stimulus money. so that was some of the line of questioning in today's briefing. here is how jay carney responded to some of those questions. >> it does not disqualify you to work for this administration, it hasn't disqualified you in any previous administration to have been a supporter of the united states and helped raise money for the president of the united states. nor does it qualify you or get you a job. you have to have the skills and credentials to do it. and around ethical standard are unmatched by any previous administration. our efforts of transparency are
2:12 pm
unprecedented. >> reporter: he says the administration stands by its record and the qualifications of people named to various administration posts. but after running on saying money is not going to be the dominant influence in this town, they are going to change the tone in washington, obviously this report is raising some eyebrows. martha: this is from eye watch. this study was done. thank you very much. mike emanuel, our reporter at the white house. we have breaking news that just getting in here. it has to do with former vice presidential candidate john edward. we'll show you a picture of this politician like you have never seen before. the walls are caving in around congressman anthony weiner and people are sounding these alarms. listen. >> a lot of his behavior was inappropriate. but he is a bulldog.
2:13 pm
>> because he's a bug dog you want to protect him? >> he's a bulldog. >> he's a dirty dog. >> he has no credibility. >> a bulldog or dirty dog. i don't know which. martha: the question is, if he didn't do anything i legal should anthony weiner have to resign? there is more of that from the focus group. you will hear fascinating stuff they had to say about this. provocative topic. that comes in 15 minutes. just when you thought you were headed for the golden years. retirement, enjoyment, relaxation. why you could be taking care of business for a long time, folks. some estimates say we'll need to work until we are 85 years old, just to pay the bills. mine was earned over the south pacific in 1943.
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2:17 pm
martha: we just got the mugshot for former presidential hopeful john edwards. he flashed a big toothy smile earlier this month after he was indicted. some political whips say the picture looks good enough to be sent to a modeling agency. tom delay went that route with a big huge smile in the mugshot. that's john edwards today. that's that. let's talk about this cheery story. 85 may be the new 65 for folks on the brink of retirement. americans may need to work a lot longer than expected to account for time spent caring for aging parents and money spent on that. so already if you make less than $11,700 a year you have a 50-50 chance of being able to retire at age 84. less than $31,000 a year you
2:18 pm
will have to work to age 76. less than $72,500. that age loser. above $72,000 a year you get to tworkt ripe old age of 65. i love the chances. you know, i guess it works both ways. if 40 is the new 30, i guess 85 becomes the new 65. >> 40 better be the new 30. there is a bright spot. i was looking as the it with you. the good news for those americans in that lower income brackets. if you just extend your retirement age from 65 to 6 the, you will actually do better by hang in for four more years. that's one piece of good news. and kinds of arrive study we got. this is a huge study. met life did this. the university of michigan and a bunch of groups putting together
2:19 pm
why americans are hurting when it comes to their retirement savings. a big piece of this as you mentioned, we have to care for our elderly parents. more than 10 million americans are caring for older parents. and that eats into especially if you have to take time off from work to care for your parents within it eats into your social security benefits, pension and your wages. so you have got to account for that. the numbers are different also between women and for men. shock were, right? you are going to lose $3,000 to $20,000 if you are a woman. the types of care that it give to your older parents whether you are female or male is different. women are kind of helping with dressing and cook, more personal care. men are providing more financial direct financial assistance. it's a monster study. but fascinating of what it shows what is happening, the dynamics
2:20 pm
between ourselves and our aging parents. martha: i think they should keep working. >> a lot of them are still working. if you have a good relationship with your parents, if you talk about money, 99% of americans have good talks about money when it comes to nitty-gritty. open a joint account if you have a trusting relationship. open a joint account. do it together. it's better for your taxes if you are the child. and it's betser in case something happens to them where they can't make their own financial decisions. it protects you both. you have got to have a good relationship with your folks to do it. martha: back to this story. one we are watching closely. the border agent named brian terry was shot dead 6 months ago on the job. he was killed by a gun the
2:21 pm
justice department was supposed to be tracking. we'll talk to one of the agents blowing the whistle on this plan in 15 minutes. we'll talk to him right after this. >> at least for today let's just listen to these agents and let's just listen to this family and hear what they have to say. let's hear their stories and hear it loud and clearly. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle --
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2:24 pm
martha: back to our breaking news story, and tough questions about the white house in the wake of a report that found some of the big donors known as bundlers who put together a lot of political contributions to president obama's campaign, and them received influential
2:25 pm
government position and in some cases stimulus money. mike emanuel and jay carney on this 30 minutes ago. watch this exchange. >> the report also brings up the idea that some people who raised a lot of money work for companies that have gotten stimulus money, for example *. >> it's a process largely done in agencies by career employees of the federal government in terms of the bids and that sort of thing. the vast majority of companies were not donors. we did not have people who were buddlers working for them. so it's not -- people were appointed on the merits. >> $13.3 million is not chump change. that's a lot of money.
2:26 pm
$13.89 million in stimulus money because you have a few bundlers on the team. >> you have to explain what the question is. >> does that pass the journalistic smell test? >> it does not disqualify to you work for this administration and it hasn't disqualified you in any previous administration to have been a supporter. martha: joined by howard dean, former campaign manager. and joe tri joe trippe. nobody wants to answer these questions about whether people who give a lot of money get political influence. >> george bush didn't do it, clinton didn't do it, it never handed before. martha: stimulus money which is a separate matter. not surprising. lots of presidents give reward to people who give a lot of
2:27 pm
money and exert their influence over people with money. the difference is this president ran on hope and change. he stood up in 2007. he said the cynics, the lobbyists, the special interests who turned our government into a game on they can afford to play. he blasted people who gave anybody like that influence. some people say that is hypocrisy. >> i think it's clear that he's doing a lot of the same stuff the way it's always been done. martha: does that disappoint you? >> yes, but i think he has also done a lot less than any president in recent memory. he wouldn't let lobbyists come into the administration. he got some exem hundreds fo got of them. martha: you can't help but feel, and maybe all presidents have done the same thing.
2:28 pm
the feeling about oil companies, pharmaceutical companies. they are the bad guys. but if you are in the right kind of industry and you give a lot of money, you are a special interest of a different sort. >> it's the same thing with paulson from goldman sacks and geithner. it's hard -- what i think the president has had a hard time doing is break out of the insider of the beltway. even though he fought it more than any other president. it's still clear how they are getting drawn into it. it's tough. martha: i think you are right. i think tehran on a platform that he was different. a new game had come to washington. this issue of the stimulus money, though. level 3 communications got $13 million in stimulus money.
2:29 pm
the former executive of that country went on to a nice ambassadorship to south africa. it doesn't look good. >> it doesn't look good. it shouldn't happen. and it both parties do it, both parties have always done it. oney the dean campaign, small people give a little bit of money each and change the way works. sending one guy to a place where hundreds of people and lobbyists do it the old way means he will end up cutting a deal for $100 million to get a vote in nebraska. you become part of the system instead of breaking it up. i still think and hope that obama will challenge the system a little bit more. martha: a lot of questions in the press room coming from every
2:30 pm
single network across the press room. joe, always good to get your insight. we thank you for being here. joe trippi. even the president of the united states said he would resign if he were in anthony weiner's shoes. but the new york congressman didn't break the law. so far does seem to be going anywhere. our focus group and panel on whether he should stay or go. right after this. p map. >> a lot of his behavior is inappropriate. but he is a bulldog. >> because he's a bulldog you want to protect him. >> he's a dirty dog. >> he has no credibility. >> bulldog or dirty dog, i don't know which.
2:31 pm
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2:34 pm
martha: on the lookout for congressman anthony weiner as we wait for a decision on his political future. friend say the new york democrat was waiting for his pregnant wife to get back from overseas before chief siding what to do. she had been traveling with secretary of state hillary clinton which is her job. back from that official trip. we are joined by the power pan panel. anna is a prosecutor in new york. within a political strategist and political consultant. i would like first of all for the three of you to watch this
2:35 pm
focus group talk about this an thony wiener situation. let's take a look. >> it's not all about a person's private life. he fought so hard for those 9/11 responders to get adequate healthcare. >> his life is public now. he's public servant. >> it's nobody's business. who cares. we are all adults. >> i don't care about his private life. but he lied. that's integrity. how can you ever believe him again. martha: those people sized up a lot of the argument. we would like to talk about this wife whose privacy we respect but as women we are sympathetic to what she mist be going through. no doubt the debate you have seen has happened in her own understanding of this whole thing. you have been married to a u.s. congressman. what goes through your mind as you look at her situation. >> it's difficult being married
2:36 pm
to a public figure even when times are good. but when times are bad, it upends the whole family. martha: do you think she should encourage hip to stay? >> she needs to encourage him to do what's best for them as a family. i think the statement about integrity is a powerful one. martha: what about that, anna. in terms of whether she encouraged him to stay. it appears he wants to stay as long as he possibly can and let the voters of new york decide what they think. they are just married. they are newlyweds. >> she is the unfortunate casualty of all this personally, publicly, professionally. she is getting it all over the place. she is a newlywed. she should be enjoying that honeymoon phase. instead she is dealing with her husband's disgusting conduct. and she is forced to deal with
2:37 pm
it in a public eye as well. she is a very successful woman in her own right and her work as aide to hillary clinton makes her a public persona. thousand she has to deal with all of this at the same time. i think he should go for many reasons. but also for her. every minute he stays he's bringing that execute any on her on them. it is just getting deeper and longer. martha: i hear what that woman was saying in the focus group. he's put in there to do a job. a lot of people in new york feel he has done it very well. in some cases. it's hard to imagine a woman in a better position -- i mean this in a good way, to talk to her. and hillary clinton who has to be a tremendous mentor and sounding board in this whole situation. it's uncanny that she should be working for this woman at this point. >> i'm sure they have been talk. they are very close. they working to. it's obviously a sad state of affairs.
2:38 pm
it's disheartening to see what is essentially a private issue and made public. i don't think it's going anywhere. but the picture of him when he was 18 years old that just surfaced. it's irrelevant to the issue. this is the press digging anything up that will hurt him. now he's being investigated for taking a picture while he was at the gym? i don't think that in and of itself amounts to an improper use. martha: it wasn't just any picture. let's face it. it will be interesting to see what she decides. what her influence is on her husband and whether they decide to hang in there with all this. let's talk about another woman who emerged in a new way during the course of this week. we interviewed michele bachmann. sheep gets a lot of grief from a lot of networks. they seized on a couple of mistakes she made. one historical inaccuracy. a lot of people have seen her who didn't see her in action in this debate that was aired the
2:39 pm
other night. what do you have think of michele bachmann in terms of how she is rising on the scene? >> she showed she can hang with the boys. people thought she would make a gaffe and she didn't. she showed she can be on that stage and compete in that arena. if i * anything damage in your mind about michele bachmann this week? >> she showed herself to be more polished and able to talk on the issues in a way she had never shown before. she made it clear, i'm here and i'm here to stay. she was well versd on the issues. she was able to hold her own. she came out right after romney. when you look at the polls. show she may not ultimately be electable. martha: won she make a nice vice presidential candidate? they have comparable government experience with romney.
2:40 pm
>> the media reaction is oh, she did so well. assuming a beautiful republican candidate is going to be stupid or is going to make a gaffe. she was clear, she was concise. she had her talking points. the on issuer now is how is she going to ride this wave of possible positivity. i'm rooting for her and i can't wait to see what happens. martha: very interesting week for women in the news. it was the operation called fast and furious. but critics say this government sting to put guns in the hands of mexican drug cartels and trace them to find out where they went was plain ridiculous, reck has, dangerous. lots of strong words used against this operation and linked to the murder of a u.s. border patrol agent.. in minutes we'll talk to one of the atf agents who tried long ago to blow the whistle on this
2:41 pm
operation. he is here on "america live." that's coming up right after this. >> allowing firearms to be trafficked to criminals is a dangerous stratsy. the thought taking down a cartel and the lack of a strong firearms trafficking stats to you is in my opinion delusional. ♪
2:42 pm
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so tell your doctor when planning surgery. tell your doctor all medicines you take, including aspirin, especially if you've had a stroke. if fever, unexplained weakness or confusion develops, tell your doctor promptly. these may be signs of ttp, a re but potentially life-threatening condition, reported sometimes less than two weeks after starting plavix. martha: back to our alert about a house hearing that's broke a government scheme that took a track i can turn. it aim was to track the flow of american guns to mexican gun cartels, but then the guns got away. despite warnings from atf agents that that could very well happen. one of those guns was eventually used in the murder of u.s. border patrol agent brian terry and well within the bounds of u.s. territory in arizona.
2:45 pm
so today atf agents testified the fallout from this program is far from over. >> allowing firearms to be trafficked to criminals is a dangerous and deadly strategy. to think it would take down the cartel and the lack of a strong firearms trafficking statute is in my opinion delusional. based upon my conversations with agents who assisted in this case. while the case agent believed that this weapons were destined for mexico, the possibility exists they were trafficked to other points within the united states of america. as a career law enforcement officer to investigate the deaths of police officers, children and others at the hands of armed criminals, i was horrified. i believe these firearms will continue to turn you have at crime scenes on both sides of
2:46 pm
the border for years to come. martha: that was the supervisory special agent with the atf and he joins us now live. good to have you here today. talk to me about when you first learned of this operation and the concerns that you expressed then about what you thought was a misguided operation. >> i first became aware of this operation when they were discussing a case in which they said they had 1,200 firearms purchased by one trafficking ring. i was engaged in a discussion and voiced concerns that we weren't doing any followup to determine who they were working with, who they were working for. i found out the strategy was watch and see where the guns would be purchased and later find out where they would be recovered. i fine that to be a dangerous strategy. martha: who did you speak out to? >> i spoke out to my special assistant in charge jim needles who voiced that he was in agreement with me that this
2:47 pm
wasn't a good strategy. this is a ground-breaking technique. i found that to be just disturbing. martha: when it became clear one of these guns was linked to the murder of border patrol agent brian terry, where did it go from there in your understanding -- did you understand at that time that this musten one of the guns that came knack this program? >> no, again. it's interesting when the numbers of purchases were around 1,200, this was long before agent terry was killed. myself and a number of people voiced concern that this a. guns is a dangerous amount of guns to let go unvet into the streets. and some cop or some kid was going to get killed. unfortunately our prediction turned out to be true. martha: what was your understanding of how high up the chain of command the directive for fast and furious came from?
2:48 pm
>> in a later conversation i asked if what we were doing was legal. i was adviced by jim need needl. it was had been vetsed through doj attorneys and there was nothing illegal. just because something is legal doesn't mean it's moral. any gun puts in the hand of a criminal creates a danger. any arizona police officer who might encounter these people on their way down to the border more anybody who encounters one of these drugs that might be diverted to new york or baltimore or any other city notice united states. it's tragic. martha: what was your understanding what happened to peek who bucked the system and said innocent lives will be lost. >> the two of agents that didn't agree with the state were removed from that group. another person who was alloyed to participate in that case who is involved in the intelligence gathering was promoted
2:49 pm
temporarily and was the on person of that particular job description. martha: we'll talk more about the gun that went on to kill agent terry and the answers being given to his family. the problems they had getting answers about where that gun came from. stay with us. we'll hold you off the break. there is much more on this story. my doctor told me calcium is besabsorbed in small continuous amounts. only one calcium supplement does that in one daily dose. new citracal slow release... continuously releases calcium plus d for the efficient absorption my body needs. citracal. fi an entire community with joy? maxwell house believes . that's why we've partnered th rebuilding together to hp revitalize commities in need. vote for youcommunity at
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martha: i'm joint by peter per celli. a special atf agent. i would like to ask but your back ground and the work you did tracking down the deaths of police officer on duty. there are a lot of questions
2:53 pm
about whether the gun that was used to kill brian terry was in deed a fast and furious gun. the atf said two of the guns were traced to the fast and furious program. what would happen there? what kind of forensics would be done? would you be able to track exactly the built that came from which gun and whether that gun killed him? would you know? >> there are a number of factors. i have been involved in a number of homicide investigation. i was a detectivessive with the new york city police department and investigated police officer killings. it would depend on the evidence. if the murder weapon is recovered they would be able to match that projectile to the weapon. with a rifle the possibility exists the round would penetrate the body and body armor and possibly never be recovered. if that happens you can't so that weapon was utilized in the
2:54 pm
homicide because you are missing that piece of ballistic evidence. that's where you would rely on witnesses or other physical evidence. i know two of the guns that were involved in this case were traced back to the scene of agent terry's murder but i have no knowledge of anything beyond that. that's an fbi investigation and they have not shared any of that information with me nor would they have a reason to. martha: essentially someone knows whether the bullet that lodged in this body, if that were the case, that they would know exactly which gun it had come from if the gun was found at scene and the bullet with us recovered, correct? >> 99% of the time. there are times when the bullet gets so disfigured it's difficult. but if you recover the row joke tile and the firearm there is the ability to make a match. martha: your testimony was interesting in all of this. i know this whole thing has not been easy for you.
2:55 pm
we thank you for speaking your mind and for being with us. and we thank you for your service in law enforcement in this country as well. at the beginning of today's hearing brian terry's cousin read a poem that was written by the bearder agent about his commitment to his job. listen to this. >> if you seek to do battle with me this day you will receive the best that i'm capable of giving. it may not be enough, but it will be everything that i have to give. and it will be impressive for i have constantly prepared myself for this day. i have trained. drilled. and rehearsed the my actions so that i might have the best chance of defeating you. i have kept myself in peak physical condition, schooled myself in the martian skills, and have become proficient in the applications of combat tactics. you may defeat me, but i'm
2:56 pm
willing to die if necessary. i do not fear deaths. for i have been close enough to it on a number of occasion that it no longer concerns me. but i do fear the loss of my honor. i would rather die fighting than to have it said i was without courage. so i will fight you no matter how insurmountable it may seem, to the death if need be. in order that it may neverren said of me that it was not a warrior. [ female announcer ] you've never had
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martha: busy day here but we leave you with this incredible picture, a live shot of the moon. check this out. as it is seen right now in south africa, happying right now a rare central lunar eclipse when the moon passes through the centerpoint of the earth's shadow. that is so cool. the last one came july 16, 2000 and you


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